Keynote Speakers

Wednesday, July 28

John Linkner | AHA Leadership Summit Keynote Speaker

Big Little Breakthroughs | 9:45 am CT

Josh Linkner, five-time tech entrepreneur, hyper-growth CEO, New York Times bestselling author, professional jazz guitarist, and host of Creative Troublemakers Podcast

Bold innovations are critical in these disruptive and competitive times, but when it comes to breakthrough thinking, we often freeze up. Instead of shooting for a $10 billion IPO or a Nobel Prize, the most prolific innovators focus on Big Little Breakthroughs – small, creative acts that unlock massive rewards over time. By building a daily habit of creativity, leaders and organizations not only enjoy a high volume of small wins, but also the daily practice of micro-innovations — the fastest route to discover the massive breakthroughs we seek. The stories are illuminating... Why was a nurse practitioner able to use daily micro-innovations to solve health care problems that the biggest corporations couldn’t crack? And how did a tattoo lead to a 30% boost in performance for a publicly traded restaurant company? As Josh explains, the Big Little Breakthrough isn’t just for propeller-head inventors, fancy pants CEOs, or hoodie-donning tech billionaires. Rather, it is a simple yet effective method for all of us to cultivate the power of human creativity, unlock inventive thinking, and harness innovation to tackle tough challenges and seize bold opportunities.

Melinda Estes Eugene Woods Janice Nevin Wright Lassiter| AHA Leadership Summit Keynote Speaker

Equity of Care: The Health Equity Journey in Advancing Health for All | 12:45 pm CT

Melinda L. Estes, MD, President and CEO, Saint Luke’s Health System; Eugene Woods, President and CEO, Atrium Health; Janice E. Nevin, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, ChristianaCare; and Wright L. Lassiter, III, President and Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Health System

Head down the path toward greater health equity with the guidance of AHA’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity (IFDHE). During this session, the recipients of the AHA’s 2021 Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Award will highlight systemic commitments and process changes that are delivering greater equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies that help reduce health disparities for diverse populations. Learn why health equity is a business imperative and a critical step toward accelerating quality improvement.

Thursday, July 29

Anna Deavere Smith

Health Care: The Human Story | 10:00 am CT

Anna Deavere Smith, award-winning playwright, actor, and educator

The MacArthur Foundation honored Anna Deavere Smith with the “Genius” Fellowship for creating “a new form of theatre — a blend of theatrical art, social commentary, journalism, and intimate reverie.” For her one-woman show, Let Me Down Easy, Smith conducted thousands of hours of interviews with patients, doctors, and administrators to expose the complexities of the American health care system. People all over the country shared their own stories, giving her a unique perspective on what is happening in health care. Today her subjects’ hearts and humanity get the spotlight as she turns her interviews into the script, reliving their experiences on stage in a powerful and surprising presentation.
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