Pre-Summit Workshops


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Sunday, July 17, 7:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.


Tumultuous Past, Tenuous Future: Trends and Their Impact on Health Care and Lessons for Effective Governance

Jamie Orlikoff, President, Orlikoff & Associates, Inc., National Advisor on Governance and Leadership to the American Hospital Association, and health care governance expert

As the U.S. and its health care system attempts to recover from COVID, we are bombarded by questions and challenges: What will the “new normal” of the post- or perpetual-COVID health care landscape look like? What are the implications of the war in Ukraine and a possible recession on U.S. finances and federal willingness to assist hospitals that were economically devastated by COVID? How do we help our workforce recover to sustainability? And many others. These unprecedented trends challenge health care governance to step up as never before. This provocative workshop will review the lingering and emerging environmental trends on hospitals and health systems, outline and analyze the governance and leadership lessons learned, and present strategies for boards to create new approaches to effective governance to protect the future of their hospitals and communities.


The Quest for Quality: Achieving Quality Health Care and Advancing Health in Communities

Moderator: Thomas Burke, MD, Former Professor, Department of Gynecological Oncology and Reproductive Medicine, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; Chair, American Hospital Association Quest for Quality Prize Committee

It can be difficult to reflect on the pandemic without using passionate words, like unprecedented, crisis, isolation or devastation. These times have been unlike anything the field has seen. Yet, as we reflect on what has been done and the lives saved through many different efforts, we can anticipate how the advances made will impact the future of health care, our patients and the communities in which they thrive.

The 2022 Quest for Quality honorees embody the perseverance and innovation of the last two-plus years. Through attendance at this session, the AHA invites you to engage in a hands-on workshop to learn from the incredible work achieved by this year’s honorees as they continued their quest for achieving the highest quality of care for all they serve during one of the most difficult times our nation has faced. Participants will spend the morning engaged in thoughtful discussions and Q&A with honorees on a variety of quality improvement innovations spanning areas such as sustainable community partnerships, testing equitable solutions, integrating with public heath sectors and hard wiring patient voices in day-to-day operations. This is specifically a “how-to” session that will give participants insight on applicable skills, tools and strategies to improve each organization’s unique quest for quality.


Organizational Resilience: Increasing Adaptive Capacity in Health Care

Laurie Baedke, FACHE, FACMPE, Director of Healthcare Leadership Programs, Creighton University

When adversity or crisis strikes, and it inevitably will, the exposure to us as individual leaders, and to our organizations and the communities we serve, is high. Health care is replete with disruption and specific challenges occasionally arise that stress our processes and systems even more than usual. When we experience disruption, our innate individual and organizational tendency is to “return to normal.” But progressive, high-performing organizations leverage disruption for growth and progress. As Darwin posited in 1859, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, but rather, that which is most adaptable to change.”

Drawing on a body of evidence-based research around organizational resilience and adaptive capacity, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, this session will deliver practical and actionable content to equip leaders to apply the principles of resilience to increase adaptive capacity and steward themselves and their organizations more effectively.

Participants of this workshop will earn up to 2 ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits for the program.