Affinity Groups

New for 2021!

Affinity groups provide a forum through which Summit attendees can connect for networking, deeper issue exploration, success sharing, and problem solving. By engaging in virtual communities of leaders with common interests, participants will make valued contacts with their peers. Affinity groups will convene virtually once in June, at a special session during the Leadership Summit, and one or more times post-conference. Discussions will be supplemented with the insights of special subject matter experts and shared resources.

Summit participants are invited to join up to two affinity groups during the registration process.

Behavioral Health – Expanding Access to Coordinated Care through Partnerships

Mark Your Calendar for the Virtual Meeting #1: June 29, 2:00-3:00 pm CT

Barriers to behavioral health services exist across the country, but the complexity of the barriers are exceptionally robust in urban and suburban communities. This affinity group will provide a centralized space for affinity members to discuss challenges and opportunities related to improving access to behavioral health services through collaborative community partnerships. Join this group to learn how multiple organizations, serving both adults and/or children have successfully created regional networks of behavioral health. Affinity members will learn about ways to start and sustain collaborative initiatives, discuss who should be at the table, as well as options for leadership and funding.

Governance Excellence

Mark Your Calendar for the Virtual Meeting #1: July 14, 2:00-3:00 pm CT

Whether you’re a board officer, a tenured board member, a new board member, or a CEO supporting a board, you continue to face significant challenges today more than ever. This Governance Affinity Group will include board members from across the country who can share their experiences with some of these challenges, hear from experts about best practices and solutions, and provide support for one another. The virtual meetings of the group will focus on such diverse topics as how to have the difficult conversations around health equity, the essential elements of board effectiveness, and practical solutions to your greatest governance challenges.

Leading for Resilience and Transformation

Mark Your Calendar for the Virtual Meeting #1: June 23, 1:00-2:00 pm CT

Health care teams are no strangers to crisis. As a profession, we run toward the danger to help those in need as a place of refuge, but how do we create the culture of engagement and alignment that enhances resilience as we move into the future? Learning the value of trust, relationships and team alignment as a protective factor for burnout, reducing strain and helping teams to thrive. Join this group to share how you are adapting your culture to enhance resilience, trust, empathy and compassion, explore the challenges that your team faces, and learn from our clinical experts how they are working with their teams to define the “next normal.”

Innovation and Digital Health

Mark Your Calendar for the Virtual Meeting #1: June 22, 11:00-12:00 pm CT

The global pandemic put a spot light on the constant need to innovate. At the onset we saw that innovation went into operations and drove much needed immediate results. Today the objective remains the same for the entire hospital ecosystem—how do we collectively address our unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to driving innovation? This Affinity Group will focus on key issues that face hospitals in driving innovation and transforming the digital experience for their patients. While digital transformation may sound daunting, broken down into smaller components aided by proven innovation tools and approaches, strategies can yield results within months if not weeks. You don’t have to have a title of an innovator; innovation should be part of every C-Suit’s DNA. Join your peers to learn and share best practices for building and sustaining an innovation culture that enables digital transformation.

The Value Journey: Cultural Practices and Delivery Models Fueling Progress

Mark Your Calendar for the Virtual Meeting #1: June 24, 2:30-3:30 pm CT

The health care field continues to move toward value-based care delivery models that improve outcomes, enhance the patient experience and reduce cost. These models have demonstrated their potential to improve value long after the pandemic subsides. Making progress on your value journey requires a culture of value that encourages alignment across components of the health care system. Everyone has a role to play to improve value – from senior leaders to administrators to providers. Value is truly a team sport. In this affinity group, we will explore how hospitals can develop a culture of value that enables value-based care delivery strategies. Session topics will dive deep into two emerging value-based care delivery models: strategies for addressing social needs and social determinants of health to improve value and equity, and an emerging care model, hospital-at-home. You’ll connect with hospital leaders from across the country who have successfully deployed these models and gain practical tips for how to implement them, with or without value-based payment.